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3 Valleys ski pass prices

Méribel Mottaret, 3 Valleys

Here, you can find the 3 Valleys ski pass/lift pass prices for the ski season 2018-19, together with explanatory notes about price periods, free passes, reductions for seniors and children, duo and tribe passes, family passes, insurance, and the 3 Valleys Liberty scheme.

3 Valleys ski pass prices 2018-19

This the lift company's 3 Valleys price list (which also shows Val Thorens and Belleville prices). You can buy a 3 Valleys ski pass online. The table below shows the prices from half day to 14 days, and season, at the main season rate (22nd December 2018 to 12th April 2019). All prices in euros.

3 Valleys ski pass prices during the main season 2018-19
3 Valleys pass Adult Duo 2 Adults 3+ Adults Senior 65-74 Child 5-12
4 hours 55.00

49.50 44.00
1 day 62.00

55.80 49.60
2 days 122.00

109.80 97.60
3 days 183.00

164.70 146.40
4 days 244.00

219.60 195.20
5 days 291.00

261.90 232.80
6 days 306.00 296.00 291.00 275.40 244.80
7 days 354.00 344.00 339.00 318.60 283.20
8 days 402.00 392.00 387.00 361.80 321.60
9 days 450.00 440.00 435.00 405.00 360.00
10 days 498.00 488.00 483.00 448.20 398.40
11 days 546.00 536.00 531.00 491.40 436.80
12 days 594.00 584.00 579.00 534.60 475.20
13 days 642.00 632.00 627.00 577.80 513.60
14 days 690.00 680.00 675.00 621.00 552.00
Season 1310.00 1270.00 1250.00 1179.00 1048.00

Family pass: minimum 6 days - 2 adults + 2 or more children 5 to 17 years, price per person = child rate.

3 Valleys ski pass prices 2018-19: explanatory notes

Price periods

As for Val Thorens, there are different periods during the season, with different pricing (all shown on the 3 Valleys ski pass price list 2018-19). The 3 Valley links are scheduled to open on 8th December 2018, and close on 22nd April 2019 (limited area for the last 10 days). The four price periods are:

  • 9th to 14th December 2018
  • 15th to 21st December 2018
  • 22nd December 2018 to 12th April 2019 (main season)
  • 14th to 22nd April 2019

One must assume that 13th April 2019 has been cancelled, but only in Spanish.

Free passes

Child passes are free up to and including 4 years old, and seniors' free passes are for people who are 75 years or more. 

Reductions for children and senior citizens

There are cheaper prices for children 5-12 years old, and seniors 65-74 years old, as shown on the ski pass price list

Duo 2 persons

The 'duo' category applies to the 3 Valleys as well as Val Thorens. Two adults buying passes for 6 days or more together get this cheaper rate.

Three adults or more

This 'tribu' category also exists for 3 Valleys passes for 6 days or more, giving a reduced price for three or more adults (cheaper than the duo price).

Family pass 

The family pass price is available to families of two parents and two or more dependent children (where the children are 5 to 17 years old). The parents and the children pay the child rate.

The family pass can be for 6 days or more. (With a Val Thorens pass, the options are a single day, or 6 days or more. The single day option does not exist with a 3 Valleys pass).


It's not possible to prolong a pass for the 3 Valleys area, but you can prolong any 6 day pass for the Val Thorens-Orelle area.

3 Valleys extension

A Val Thorens or Belleville pass can be extended to cover the whole 3 Valleys area, a day at a time (adult rate €37).


You can add carré neige insurance to the price of your ski pass. The rates are shown on page 29 of the 3 Valleys ski pass price list 2017-18 (2018-19 brochure link to be added when available).

3 Valleys Liberty

The 3 Valleys Liberty scheme is aimed at people who live close to the Three Valleys. It's a ski pass that's a bit like an Oyster card. 

  • you pay an annual subscription of €30
  • the terminals at the ski lifts automatically detect when you use your pass, and the amount to be debited from your card is calculated on a weekly basis - so no need to go to the ski pass office
  • 10% reduction on skiing in the 3 Valleys (but 20% on Saturdays)
  • you get a free day on your 9th day skiing, and then every 6 days

Belleville ski pass prices

Chalet near Col de la Fenetre

Belleville ski passes existed for many years, but they are no longer on sale, with the exception of 1 day and season passes, available on request.

Val Thorens ski pass prices

Caron cable car, Val Thorens

A detailed Val Thorens ski pass prices page, with explanatory notes covering price periods, free passes, reductions, duo and 'tribe' passes, extensions and insurance. See the Val Thorens ski pass prices, and read the explanatory notes.

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