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View of Mt Blanc from Val Thorens

Val Thorens activities

La Tyrolienne zip wire in Val Thorens

There are many fun activities in Val Thorens. Ten pin bowling is great for families or anyone else, and Le Bowling has arcade games too. The toboggan run is the longest in France, at 6km and about 45 minutes of descent. Then there are ski doos, driving on the ice circuit, mountain biking on snow, paragliding and paramotor, the Tyrolienne zip wire, and helicopter flights. Read about Val Thorens activities here.

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Val Thorens activities: ten pin bowling

Le Bowling, Val Thorens

Le Bowling is Val Thorens's ten pin bowling venue, at place de l'Arche. It's open every day from 12 noon to 2am. They have eight bowling lanes, and the cost is  €12 per person per game, or €20 per person for 2 games. As well as ten pin bowling, they have arcade games, snooker and pool, big screen TVs, and internet access. There's a bar, La Bicicleta, where bowlers are not the only ones to quench their thirst. Read more about le Bowling, Val Thorens.

Val Thorens activities: toboggan run

Toboggan, Val Thorens

Val Thorens has the longest toboggan run in France, with 6km (3.7 miles) of exhilarating tobogganing, from an altitude of 3000m, down to 2300m. You use the Funitel Péclet to get to the top, toboggan on the piste for a short stretch, then join the dedicated toboggan run, for a total of about 45 minutes of helter-skelter descent. 

Here's a short video of the Val Thorens toboggan run, produced by the tourist office in 2011:

See times and prices, and read more about the Val Thorens toboggan run.

Val Thorens activities: ski doos

Ski doos (snowmobiles), Val Thorens

Ski doo ride in Val Thorens, by C. Cattin (OT Val Thorens)

The ski doos in Val Thorens (snowmobiles) are run by Val Tho Motoneige, based at a hut in the place de Caron. They offer one hour guided ski doo rides, with a guide on the lead ski doo, then five or six ski doos following. You can drive for the full hour, or share with a friend, and swap drivers half-way. 

Here's a video that gives you a good impression of the ski doo rides in Val Thorens. (It may be more enjoyable with the sound off):

Read more about ski doos in Val Thorens.

Val Thorens activities: ice driving circuit

Sébastien Loeb at the Trophée Andros, Val Thorens

There' an ice circuit in Val Thorens, for car and motorbike racing. The main race of the winter is the Trophée Andros, in early December. The Ice Driving Academy offers people the opportunity to have a go on the Alain Prost ice circuit. Prices depend on which car you take, but the range (2016, with a private instructor) is:

  • €99-199 for 15 minutes
  • €180-320 for 30 minutes
  • €300-600 for 60 minutes

There's also a karting option (€25 for 10 minutes), and karting for groups (€100 per person for 45 minutes, 6 karts & 12 people).

Here's a short video of the Trophée Andros 2014 on the ice circuit:

Tel: 00 33 674 78 25 13

Val Thorens activities: mountain bike on snow

On the same days that there's evening tobogganing (usually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), you can choose to go mountain biking instead. 

You go up the Funitel Péclet around 5pm, then you descend the Tete Ronde piste with your guide, Gérald Bigot, in a group of five to ten people. It takes around 45 minutes, and is only for experienced mountain bike riders, or the sporty. 

€40 with ski pass, or €50 without. Bike and protective equipment included. Information and booking at the Chalet du Toboggan.

Here's a short video of the mountain biking:

Val Thorens activities: paragliding

Tandem paragliding is organised by Didier Goujon of Libre Envol. Meet at the Chalet Caron, take off from the top of the Boismint chairlift, and land again at Chalet Caron.

Tel: 00 33 681 55 74 94

Paramotor, Val Thorens

There's also tandem paramotoring, which uses a paraglider, plus a light motor strapped to the pilot's back, allowing more control over altitude. Contact via Ski Cool ski school.

Tel: 00 33 479 00 04 92

Val Thorens activities: zip wire

La Tyrolienne zip wire, Val Thorens

In February 2014, a zip wire opened in Val Thorens, which goes from the top of the Bouchet chairlift to the top of the Funitel de Thorens. It's only open to skiers and boarders, as you can't get there otherwise, and your equipment is transported with you. 

It's open to anyone of 8 years old or more, and costs €50. See this video:

Val Thorens activities: panoramic helicopter flights

Since winter 2015-16, from the Val Thorens heliport, Christian Blugeon offers panoramic helicopter flights. Flights for up to 5 people:

  • 3 Valleys flight: €1,300 for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Mont Blanc flight: €2,300 for 35 to 45 minutes

This is a difficult one, because it's an attractive idea, but on the other hand, ski resorts need cold weather and snow, and helicopters burn a lot of fuel very quickly, contributing to climate change.

Tel: 00 33 450 75 99 15

(For information on the sports centre, see the resort section).

Val Thorens news

Newspapers in Val Thorens

Reports on the new developments in advance of the ski season, and on the events during the winter season. Read the news from Val Thorens, and see photos and videos. 

Val Thorens events

Skicross World Cup race in Val Thorens

There are sporting events, like the World Cup Skicross, special events including the fireworks at New Year, and weekly events such as the classical and jazz concerts at the church. We have a full list of events in Val Thorens during the winter season, and a weekly update of the current week's events during the winter.

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