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Val Thorens banks - Banque Populaire des Alpes

Val Thorens banks

Here you can find information about Val Thorens banks

There are four banks in Val Thorens, all either in the middle or upper part of the resort. They are the Credit Agricole, the Banque Populaire, CIC, and the Banque de Savoie. All have cashpoints apart from CIC. 

The opening times given are valid during the ski season. Opening may be limited at other times of the year.

Val Thorens banks

Val Thorens banks: Credit Agricole

Val Thorens banks - Credit Agricole

In the place Caron, the Credit Agricole has two cashpoints. 

Open 0830-1200 and 1345-1800, Tuesday to Friday, and 0830-1210, Saturday. 

Tel: 00 33 479 44 60 63

Val Thorens banks: Banque Populaire des Alpes

Val Thorens banks - Banque Populaire des Alpes

By the Maison de Val Thorens, place Caron, the Banque Populaire has one cashpoint. 

Open 0830-1200 and 1335-1730, Monday to Friday.

Tel: 00 33 479 04 32 53 

Val Thorens banks: CIC

The CIC in Val Thorens is by the entrance to the Hotel Val Thorens. No cashpoint.

Open 0900-1245 and 1430-1800, Monday to Friday. 

Tel: 00 33 820 300829 

Val Thorens banks: Banque de Savoie

The Banque de Savoie is in the Peclet shopping centre, and it has one cashpoint. 

Open 0850-1200 and 1340-1730, Monday to Thursday, and 0850-1200 and 1340-1620, Friday. 

Tel: 00 33 479 00 01 09