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Val Thorens at night

Most Val Thorens bars are in the rue de Gébroulaz, also known as 'rue de la soif' (thirsty street).

Two of the best are O'Connells, the Irish pub, and the Frog and Roastbeef, the British pub.

Then there are bars in the Balcons area, around the place de Caron in the centre of resort, and down in the rue du Soleil.

Find out all you need to know about Val Thorens bars here.

Val Thorens Bars: Location Map

Val Thorens bars, resort map showing the location of the bars in Val Thorens Find bars on our Val Thorens bars map.

Val Thorens Bars: Rue de Gébroulaz

Snesko Danish pub, rue de Gébroulaz, Val Thorens

Rue de Gébroulaz is the main bar street, and it often has a lively atmosphere.

Different pubs cater to different nationalities - British, Scandinavian, and Dutch. They range from loud and silly, to quieter and more civilised.

Val Thorens Bars: O'Connells

O'Connells Irish pub, Val Thorens

This is a favourite pub. It has a relaxed atmosphere, and is a good place to go if you want to be able to hear your conversation.

The staff are friendly, and the pub serves surprisingly good Guinness, as well as a good range of other beers - Kilkenny, Belgian beer on draught, and the standard Kronenbourg.

They show the main football and rugby matches; free wi-fi is available (when you buy a drink).

O'Connells doesn't serve any food, but you can choose from four different flavours of Pringles!

O'Connells, Val Thorens

Tel: +33 479 01 05 05

Val Thorens Bars: The Frog and Roastbeef

Frog & Roastbeef, Val Thorens

The Frog & Roastbeef is the main rendezvous for British season workers and visitors. It is British-owned, and is a lively place. At times, there's live music at apres-ski.

Food is available at lunchtime and in the evenings.

One of the enduring traditions in the Frog is the Yard of Ale. Anyone can test their ability to down an unfeasible amount of fizzy lager in one, and if they succeed, they don't have to pay for it. In the unlikely event that you beat the all-time record of around 10 seconds, then you drink free for the rest of the evening.

Tel: +33 684 12 87 16

Val Thorens Bars: Café Snesko

Café Snesko

A mainly Danish bar, with young customers. Expect loud music, dancing on tables, and general Scandinavian craziness.

Tel: +33 680 26 68 55

Val Thorens Bars: Saloon

Saloon is a lively bar, which sometimes has live music at apres-ski. Later on, there's often dancing. It specialises in cocktails, and attracts Scandinavians and some Brits.

Tel: +33 479 22 93 90

Val Thorens Bars: Downunder

Downstairs from Saloon, it has TVs showing the main sports events.

Tel: +33 479 22 93 90

Val Thorens Bars: Le Monde

Le Monde bar, Val Thorens

A mainly Dutch bar, Le Monde is very lively - more lively than the French newspaper with which it shares its name - with DJs playing Euromusic.

Tel: +33 479 00 05 25

Val Thorens Bars: Favela

Apres-ski at Favela, Val Thorens

Favela is a lively bar/restaurant, with dancing until late at night.

Tel: +33 669 04 59 35

Val Thorens Bars: Rhum Box

Rhum Box, Val Thorens

Rhum Box is an idiosynchratic bar, which specializes in rum - they have have 30 different fruit-flavoured rums, plus the normal range of drinks. The owner Mitch is a character. There's a nice atmosphere, which is more relaxed than some of the neighbouring bars.

Tel: +33 479 01 02 36

Val Thorens Bars: Tango

Tango, Val Thorens

In the Hotel Tango, this bar has long been popular in Val Thorens. The hotel has a mix of Scandinavian and British clients, and mainly Swedish staff, employed by Langley Travel.

Its bar is good at après-ski time, when there's often live music. Later in the evening, you can enjoy a drink and conversation here. It can be busy when there's a special night.

Tel: +33 479 00 02 70

Val Thorens Bars: Place Péclet

Val Thorens Bars: La Pause

Bar la Pause, Val Thorens

This bar is part of the Portillo hotel and apartment complex, and also serves as a restaurant. It's good for a coffee during the day time, or an apéritif.

There is a hidden gem of a terrace at the back, with a great view, which is brilliant on a sunny afternoon.

La Pause doesn't have much of an atmosphere if you're looking for a sociable drink in the evening, and at the Portillo the service can be hit and miss.

Tel: +33 479 00 00 88

Val Thorens Bars: Jackie Kitchen & Club

Snow Café, Val Thorens

Just down the road from place Péclet is Jackie Kitchen & Club (formerly Snow Café) serves sushi then transforms into a club later on.

Tel: +33 636 17 10 95

Val Thorens Bars: Place de Caron, Rue Piétonne de Caron, and Galerie Caron

Val Thorens Bars: Malaysia

Malaysia bar, Val Thorens

Part of Val Thorens' nightlife for 30 years, Malaysia is a bar and nightclub (see also Val Thorens nightclubs). It opens at 10pm, and alternates DJ sets and live music.

Around 1am, they open the doors through to the club and dancefloor, creating enough space for 2500 people. From 2am, Malaysia is in nightclub mode, until it closes at 5am.

Tel: +33 479 00 05 25

Val Thorens Bars: La Bicicleta

La Bicicleta bar, le Bowling, Val Thorens

La Bicicleta is part of the ten pin bowling in Val Thorens.

The bowling and games make this venue lively, and a bit different from the other bars in Val Thorens - and child-friendly. The wooden furniture is in mock-prehistoric-Flintstones style.

You can order at the bar, or there's table service too. They have a lot of TV screens, and show sporting events, so it can be busy and hot when there's a big football match on.

Tel: +33 479 22 25 57

Val Thorens Bars: Le Blanchot

Le Blanchot bar and restaurant, Val Thorens

Le Blanchot is a modestly-sized, relaxed wine bar, with tall tables and high stools. It's also a restaurant. 

Tel: +33 479 00 05 91

Val Thorens Bars: Le Baramix

Baramix, Val Thorens

At the end of the rue Piétonne de Caron, below the Arcelle apartments, is the Baramix, one of the Val Thorens nightclubs. It has a quieter upstairs bar, and a disco-bar downstairs. They're open from 4pm til 4am, and they have a DJ, so it's effectively a club.

Tel: +33 669 04 59 35

Val Thorens Bars: Wild & Savage

Wild & Savage (formerly L'Eclipse) is in the Caron centre.

They serve a range of beers and cocktails, plus snacks. They also sell caps and hoodies. There are regular DJs and live bands.

Tel: +33 479 06 42 41

Val Thorens Bars: Rue du Soleil

Val Thorens Bars: The Shamrock

Shamrock, Val Thorens

The other Irish pub in Val Thorens, the Shamrock is friendly, serves good Guinness, and shows the main football matches and other sporting events. Open 6pm to 2am.

Tel: +33 479 00 03 53

Val Thorens Bars: le Chamois d'Or

Chamois d'Or bar/restaurant in Val Thorens

Mainly a restaurant, the Chamois d'Or has a small bar just inside the entrance, which can be a handy place to stop for a hot chocolate on a bad weather day - since it's right by the piste.

You can also have a drink outside on the terrace.

Tel: +33 479 00 08 79

Val Thorens Bars: le Rendez-Vous

Le Rendez-vous, Val Thorens

Le Rendez-Vous is quiet but reasonably refined - a refreshing change in Val Thorens!

Tel: +33 479 00 10 40

Val Thorens Bars: le Chaudron Magique

The restaurant in the Cheval Blanc has a little bar area that is open from 4pm.

Tel: +33 479 00 03 74

Val Thorens Bars: Balcons Area

Val Thorens Bars: the Red Fox

Red Fox pub, Val Thorens

The Red Fox is a nice 'local' if you're staying in the Balcons area. It has a genuine pub atmosphere. Food is available, including great pizzas to eat in or take away.

Tel: +33 479 00 85 37

Val Thorens Bars: L'Auberge

L'Auberge des Balcons bar/restaurant, Val Thorens

Although mainly a restaurant, the Auberge has a small bar area by the entrance, with a pool table. Consistently friendly service.

Tel: +33 479 00 91 91

Val Thorens bars: la Ferme de Rosalie

La Ferme de Rosalie is a cosy bar restaurant.

As well as main meals, it offers crepes or charcuterie to accompany an apres-ski drink, and take-away pizzas.

Tel: +33 479 08 07 29

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