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Split rock at the top of la Combe sans nom, off piste itinerary in Val Thorens

La Combe sans nom

The Combe sans nom off piste itinerary is very enjoyable when the conditions are right.

Compared with the Lac du Lou, there's more avalanche risk, the route-finding is slightly trickier, and it involves more walking; but it can also be quieter and more peaceful. There are great views, and the spring snow is often excellent towards the end of the season.

Read about la Combe sans nom here.

Don't forget to read our off piste safety page. 

Val Thorens off piste itineraries: la Combe sans nom

Map: Les Trois Vallées 1:25,000

Combe sans nom off piste itinerary, view from top

La Combe sans nom (the combe without a name) is a very enjoyable outing, given the right conditions. The slopes face SSE, and can be good to ski in fresh snow, or spring snow. Avoid this one when it's wind crust!

From the top of the Cime de Caron, take the black run Combe de Rosael, as far as the col that leads over the Brequin ridge to the Maurienne side. Almost immediately after the col (so just over to the left of the Brequin ridge), leave the piste to the right. This is the start of the itinerary.

Combe sans nom off piste itinerary - view of the Brequin ridge  Brequin ridge, start of the Combe sans nom off piste itinerary

The first slope is reasonably steep (so shouldn't be skied when there's signficant avalanche risk). Then, the main route follows the combe, or valley, to the right at first, then arcing left. There are two points, near the start, where you can head off left, and ski steeper slopes, as variants to the classic route. 

Combe sans nom off piste itinerary - view of combe  Val Thorens off piste itineraries - view of Combe sans nom

The variants all rejoin around the spot height marked on the map at 2482m, before arriving at the spot height 2338m. 

Val Thorens off piste itineraries - snowboard track in Combe sans nom  Combe sans nom - around 2482m spot height

Here, ski under a 50m high bluff, which is up to your left, then turn sharp left over the small col that is the only way through the rocks. Traverse, keeping height to the left so far as possible. 

Combe sans nom - traverse through gap in rocks  Combe sans nom - walking out

Then there's a short walk (or skin) up to the top of a bump (2414m). 

Val Thorens off piste itineraries - walk out of Combe sans nom

An easy ski brings you out at the Plan Bouchet, and the bottom of the Maurienne chair. Time for a well-earned hot chocolate or beer at the Chalet Chinal Donat (see our mountain restaurants page).

See our short video of the Combe sans nom itinerary:

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