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Les Yvoses off piste route - view back towards Col de la Bache

Les Yvoses

Find out about about the les Yvoses off piste itinerary here. 

This route starts from the top of the Lac Noir chair, and finishes at the Bettaix (or Bettex) chair, in the village of Le Bettaix. There are great views of Mt Blanc all the time. 

Read about les Yvoses here.

Don't forget to read our off piste safety page. 

Belleville valley off piste itineraries: les Yvoses

Map: Les Trois Vallées 1:25,000, 3615 IGN

Start by taking Masse 1, then the Lac Noir chair. The route begins by walking up to the right of the top of the chairlift.

Lac Noir chairlift, Les Menuires  Top of Lac Noir chairlift, Les Menuires

After a short ski, you see La Gratte straight ahead. Instead of walking up towards its summit, ski down to the Col de la Bache (2529m), in the direction of Le Teurre. 

View of La Gratte  View of Col de la Bache

From the Col de la Bache, traverse round to the left of Lac Crintallia (2420m). (Note: if the avalanche risk is significant, be careful of the fairly steep slopes above you, to your left, as you traverse. Go lower if necessary).

Lac Crintallia, les Yvoses itinerary

Continue to the left of Le Teurre (identifiable by the antenna on the top). 

Traversing round le Teurre   Summit of le Teurre

Now comes the main ski, in the Combe des Yvoses, with plenty of options either side of the Rau des Yvoses (the stream). The slope is moderately steep, and the skiing can be quite physical, especially when chopped up with ski tracks. (The main avalanche danger is the steep slope down from le Teurre, to your right.) There are a few chalets dotted across the slope. 

Chalet in les Yvoses  Village of le Bettaix

Le Bettaix comes into view. Either cross the stream to the left above the chalet pictured (above right), and find the gap through the trees to arrive in le Bettaix; or stay right, and join the cross-country track for a few metres, to arrive in Le Bettaix that way. The photo below shows the possibilities:

Woods in les Yvoses, near le Bettaix

Cross the bridge over the Doron de Belleville.

Doron de Belleville at le Bettaix  Doron de Belleville, view from bridge at le Bettaix

Return to Val Thorens via the Bettex chair (slow), the Tortollet chair (otherwise known as the Tortoise), Menuires chair, and Mont de la Chambre chair. 

Le Bettaix village and chair  

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