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Fabien Barrau at la Maison Blanche restaurant, place Caron, Val Thorens

La Maison Blanche, Val Thorens

One of the restaurants in the centre of Val Thorens has a new look and a new name for winter 2013/14. La Maison Blanche (formerly le Galoubet) has a prestigious position in place Caron. It now has the décor and menu to match.

Fabien Barrau and Romain Bastide, co-owners of the enterprise, ran it under its old name in 2012/13, but over the summer, they completely renovated it, to bring it up to date. 

The restaurant has been there since 1981, when it was opened by Madame Loubet as le Galoubet. 'It had never been renovated in thirty years,' explains Fabien. 'In May, we ripped everything out.' The photo below gives an idea of the restaurant when it was stripped back.

Masion Blanche, Val Thorens, during the renovation in May 2013

The new restaurant was finished in November 2013. Without giving away the financial details, Fabien tells ValThorensGuide that the refurbishment was 'expensive'. The result is worth it - it's a cut above the previous incarnation. The owners don't like to use the word 'classy', but see their establishment as cosy, warm, and convivial - a great place for families and friends to come and eat and drink.

There's a small bar area, then the main restaurant is on three floors. Their snack menu includes fish and chips. The main restaurant menu has Italian specialities, including burrata a la truffe and pizzas. Also on the menu is cote de boeuf d' Aubrac. Fabien recommends their vin de Languedoc.

The name, La Maison Blanche (the White House), is more to do with the appearance of the building post-renovation. Nevertheless, it conjures up the American President's residence. Fabien's favourite ex-President is Bill Clinton. If the charismatic Democrat is ever in Val Thorens, he should call in and try the fish and chips.

Maison Blanche, Val Thorens  Bar at la Maison Blanche, Val Thorens 

Update September 2015

The restaurant changed its name to La Maison, there having been a conflict with another restaurant elsewhere in France over the name 'La Maison Blanche'. 

La Maison has won the prestigious maîtres restaurateurs label.

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