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Val Thorens off piste equipment

Off piste equipment, Zenith, Val Thorens

You can rent or buy off piste equipment in Val Thorens, at Zenith ski shop. Rent or buy transceivers, shovels and probes for off piste days out. They also have ABS airbag rucksacks to rent or buy. Zenith can supply any other kit you may need for off piste - touring boots, touring skis, and ropes and harnesses for glacier expeditions. Read about off piste equipment in Val Thorens here.

Off piste equipment to rent in Val Thorens

Ski hire at Zenith ski shop

Zenith have all the equipment you might need for off piste skiing and boarding. This includes:

  • transceiver, shovel and probe
  • ABS airbag rucksack (they have two for rent)
  • touring skis and skins
  • harnesses and ropes for glacier expeditions


Transceiver shovel and probe (together called a 'kit ARVA') are the same price as 'eco' skis - so, for one day, €14.10. 

A kit ARVA plus ABS airbag rucksack are €44.10/day.

Touring skis and skins are the price of 'prestige' skis - so, for six days rental, €152 (full public price), or €121.60 if you book through ValThorensGuide.

ABS airbag rucksacks, Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

Off piste equipment to buy in Val Thorens

You can buy any off piste equipment you need at Zenith. They sell transceivers, shovels and probes, and ABS airbags. They also stock touring boots, off piste skis, and touring bindings; and they can supply skins and cut them to size.  

Val Thorens off piste equipment: airbag test

The airbag rucksack is an off piste avalanche safety device. The idea is that a skier or snowboarder caught in an avalanche can pull a handle on the rucksack strap, to inflate an airbag. The airbag protects the person's head, and keeps him or her on the surface of the avalanche, instead of being buried in the snow. See this video of an airbag test in Zenith (with a Snowpulse rucksack):

Location of Zenith ski shop

Here's a map showing where to find Zenith ski shop:

Val Thorens ski hire and snowboard hire booking, location of Zenith ski shop, Val Thorens

It's on the place de Caron, between Face West Café and Café Délice. Tel: 00 33 479 00 05 28. Open 0830-2000, 7 days a week. 

(See our full-size location map)

Ski hire

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

Our suggestion for quality ski and snowboard hire at fair prices - Zenith ski shop, in the centre of resort.

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