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View of Mt Blanc from Val Thorens

Pierre Lory

Pierre Lory cross, Val Thorens - Orelle

On this page, read about about the Pierre Lory off piste itinerary. It starts from the top of the Bouchet chair in Orelle. There's a steep traverse to begin, then the route flattens out into a wide valley, the Combe Pierre Lory. Since winter 2015/16, there has been a blue run in the Combe, the piste de Lory, which arguably reduces the appeal of the itinerary. It was always fairly gentle, and not far from the pistes. Read about the Pierre Lory here.

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The Pierre Lory off piste itinerary

Map: Les Trois Vallées 1:25,000

Pierre Lory, Orelle

The Pierre Lory valley

The route begins from the top of the Bouchet chair in Orelle (3230m, the highest point reached by any lift in the Three Valleys). This is where the zip wire, La Tyrolienne, starts.

Traverse at the top of Pierre Lory

Traverse near the top of the Pierre Lory itinerary

When you get off the chairlift, go straight ahead, over to the other side of the col. Descend a little, and traverse to the right (see photo above). (This is a relatively steep slope, and the main avalanche danger is here). The traverse brings you to the head of a wide valley, the Combe Pierre Lory. The Col Pierre Lory, which gives its name to this itinerary, is above you, to your right (3132m). 

As an alternative to the intial traverse to the right, you can descend straight ahead, on a steeper slope. This route joins the wide valley a little lower down. 

View of les Aiguilles d'Arve from Combe Pierre Lory

View of les Aiguilles d'Arve from Combe Pierre Lory

The main skiing is in the flat, easy terrain of the valley, where a stream (le Ruisseau du Bouchet) runs. It's great skiing when the snow is good.

At the end of the valley, you pass a cross on your left, just before going under the Rosaël chairlift, and arriving at the Mauriennaise piste.

Cross in Combe Pierre Lory

Who was Pierre Lory?

The Col, Combe, and itinerary are named after Pierre Lory, but who was he? The most likely candidate is an Alpine geologist who lived from 1866-1956. He was the son of another eminent geologist, Charles Lory. Pierre followed a similar career to his father, and became deputy director of the Geological Laboratory at the University of Grenoble. 

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