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Restaurants in Val Thorens

La Chaumiere, restaurant in Val Thorens
La Chaumière, Val Thorens

There is a wide choice of restaurants in Val Thorens. You can find the local Savoyarde specialities - fondue, raclette and pierrade - but there are many other options too. They include French cuisine, steak and pizza. The quality of restaurants in Val Thorens is excellent.

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Restaurants in Val Thorens: Location Map

Val Thorens restaurants, resort map showing the location of restaurants in Val Thorens Find the restaurants on our Val Thorens restaurants map.

Restaurants in Val Thorens: Rue de Gébroulaz/Galerie Péclet

Restaurants in the Rue de Gébroulaz/Galerie Péclet area of Val Thorens, starting at the top of the hill and working down through the Péclet shopping centre then further down the road.

Val Thorens Restaurants: Scandinavian Brasserie

John's Scandinavian restaurant, rue de Gébroulaz, Val Thorens

Scandinavian Brasserie and Wine Bar (formerly John's Scandinavian) is a friendly brasserie, owned and staffed by Swedes and Danes.

There's a cosy atmosphere, and the food is excellent. They have a varied menu, but specialise in fish and seafood. It's not only a restaurant, there's a small and convivial wine bar too.

Tel: +33 479 00 01 43

Val Thorens Restaurants: les Clarines

Les Clarines, Val Thorens

Next door to John's, Les Clarines is a French restaurant that offers a reasonably priced set menu, as well as dishes à la carte, including the Savoyarde specialities (fondue, raclette, tartiflette).

A friendly welcome and good service.

Tel: +33 479 00 03 53

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Crewzer

Crewzer, Val Thorens

Le Crewzer is run by two young Valthorinois.

It does burgers and beer, and is popular with locals and seasonaires - always a good sign.

Tel: +33 679 05 79 34

Val Thorens Restaurants: Club 72 Steak House

Steak Club, Val Thorens

As you might guess, beef steak features prominently on the menu at the Club 72 Steak House.

It's nicely decorated inside, with modern touches in a traditional wooden Alpine setting.

Tel: +33 479 01 31 19

Val Thorens Restaurants: Belleville Diner

Belleville Diner, Val Thorens

The Belleville Diner is in the Péclet Centre, and offers all-day breakfast and cocktails and beers at après-ski time.

The Tripadvisor reviews are very positive.

Tel: +33 479 41 18 25

Val Thorens Restaurants: Favela

Favela bar & restaurant, Val Thorens

Favela is a Latin American kitchen and a lively bar.

It's been here a long time in one guise or another - it was Val Thorens' first restaurant, le Gloulou, and more recently it was called El Gringos, Pandora, then le Panda.

Tel: +33 976 86 82 91

Val Thorens Restaurants: les Saints-Pères

Les Saints Pères, Val Thorens

In the Galerie Péclet, Les Saint-Pères is a nice, unpretentious, French-run restaurant, which is popular with locals and season workers, and serves reliably good food.

They do French cuisine, pizzas, and Savoyarde specialities. It has a sunny terrace outside.

Tel: +33 479 00 02 92

Val Thorens Restaurants: Café Péclet

Café Peclet, Val Thorens

Café Péclet has become a firm favourite in Val Thorens.

It is a restaurant which is open lunchtime and evenings, with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Tel: +33 479 04 18 40

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Portillo

Le Portillo, Val Thorens

Just down from place Péclet, Le Portillo 's restaurant is called La Pause de Pierrette.

It won the status of Maître Restaurateur from the Guide Michelin in 2015. There's a nice terrace with a great view hidden around the back of le Portillo.

Tel: +33 479 00 00 88

Val Thorens Restaurants: John's American

John's American restaurant, Val Thorens

The sister (or brother, really) restaurant to John's Scandinavian, John's American is located next to estate agents Val Thorens Immobilier, and is a Danish-owned Tex-Mex.

They serve home-made burgers, spare ribs, steaks, fajitas, nachos, and more. Also open for lunch.

Tel: +33 479 00 05 15

Val Thorens Restaurants: Yuki Yama Kitchen

Yuki Yama Kitchen, Val Thorens

Yuki Yama is the dining part of Jackie Kitchen & Club.

The food served is Japanese, on a shared dining basis. The menu includes sushi.

From 9pm, a DJ starts to build up the atmosphere, and at 10pm the tables are removed so that the venue can turn into a nightclub.

Tel: +33 636 17 10 95

Restaurants in Val Thorens: Place de Caron and Rue Piétonne de Caron

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Fondue

Restaurant La Fondue, Val Thorens

A cosy Savoyarde specialities restaurant, La Fondue belongs to the Hotel Val Thorens, and is therefore well-run and professional. Opposite the church.

Tel: +33 479 00 04 33

Val Thorens Restaurants: Alpen Art

Alpenart, Val Thorens

An upmarket and comfortable tea room and restaurant, Alpen Art is run by local snowboarder and artist Aurélie Rey.

Sunny terrace with a view of the Cime de Caron.

Tel: +33 479 07 45 64

Val Thorens Restaurants: Café Face West

Face West Café, Val Thorens

One of the most popular restaurants in Val Thorens, the Face West Café is in an excellent location, in place Caron in the centre of resort.

The décor is stylish; and the food is consistently excellent.

Tel: +33 479 00 05 94

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Maison

La Maison, Val Thorens

The other big restaurant in the place de Caron, la Maison (formerly le Galoubet), has a large terrace too. It is very smart outside and in, with amazing fluffy chandeliers.

In 2015, they became maîtres restaurateurs. The menu has fondue, entrecote, as well as different types of pasta and pizza.

Tel: +33 479 00 00 48

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Tivoli

Tivoli, Val Thorens

In the former premises of the Chantaco bar, le Tivoli is a reasonably-priced and popular pizza restaurant.

Tel: +33 479 23 42 06

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Chaumière

La Chaumière, Val Thorens

Open lunchtime and evening, La Chaumière has some good value specials - the plat du jour, or the menu skieur (main course and dessert of the day).

Savoyarde specialities and beef feature on the menu.

Tel: +33 479 00 01 13

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Blanchot

Le Blanchot, Val Thorens

A Val Thorens favourite, which should be on your lists of restaurants to try during a stay in Val Thores, the Blanchot serves French and Savoyarde cuisine.

It has an intimate atmosphere, part wine bar, part restaurant. The Blanchot is distinctive, and provides reliably good food, wine, and service.

Tel: +33 479 00 05 91

Val Thorens Restaurants: au Mazot

Au Mazot, Val Thorens

Right down at the end of the rue piétonne de Caron, au Mazot (formerly au Village) specialises in recipes from the local area, in an Alpine setting.

It's a little bit out of the way. Prices are modest.

Tel: +33 479 08 63 95

Restaurants in Val Thorens: Galerie Caron

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Paillote

La Paillote, Val Thorens

On two levels, the Paillote has a nice ambience, and reasonable prices. A varied menu includes pizzas. Service is good most of the time.

Tel: +33 479 00 01 02

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Piscine

La Piscine Pizzeria, Val Thorens

As it opens onto the shopping centre, la Piscine lacks a little atmosphere, but over the years it has served reliably good pizzas.

It also has a crêpe/waffle concession at the front, and free wifi.

Tel: +33 479 00 09 63

Val Thorens Restaurants: Pizz'burger

Pizzburger, Val Thorens restaurant

Also open to the shopping centre, the unromantically-named Pizz'burger attracts clients with its cheap prices, free wifi, and big screen TVs that show music videos and sporting events.

This could be the right place to eat throughout the winter, but perhaps not the place to take your partner on 14th February.

Tel: +33 479 01 04 21

Restaurants in Val Thorens: Arolles Sector

Val Thorens Restaurants: Il Gusto at Oxalys

Il Gusto, Val Thorens

The restaurant at the Oxalys complex is Il Gusto.

Until 2017, the Michelin-starred chef Jean Sulpice made the Oxalys the most prestigious establishment in Val Thorens. Sulpice has taken over the Père Bise restaurant in Talloires as his new venture.

Tel: +33 479 23 26 58

Restaurants in Val Thorens: Rue du Soleil

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Chamois d'Or

Chamois d'Or, Val Thorens

A bar, brasserie and pizzeria, the Chamois d'Or is by the piste and on the rue du Soleil.

It has a sunny terrace, and a large rustic-style restaurant inside. It serves Savoyarde specialities, steak, duck, and more.

Tel: +33 479 00 08 79

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Rendez-Vous

Rendez-Vous, Val Thorens

Le Rendez-Vous has a large terrace for lunch, and a smart and modern restaurant for dinner.

Risotto, pasta, steak, Savoyarde specialities, burgers, and pizzas are all available. This restaurant has a very warm, welcoming feel to it.

Tel: +33 479 00 10 40

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Petite Ferme

La Petite Ferme, Val Thorens

Part of a big group (Restoleil), La Petite Ferme is a nice pizza restaurant, which is convenient for the self-catering accommodation in the rue du Soleil.

Tel: +33 479 00 05 12

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Joyeuse Fondue

La Joyeuse Fondue, Val Thorens

Next door to La Petite Ferme, and part of the same group, La Joyeuse Fondue specializes in fondue, pierrade and raclette.

Tel: +33 479 00 03 88

Val Thorens Restaurants: le Vieux Chalet

Le Vieux Chalet, Val Thorens

Le Vieux Chalet has a touch of class in its décor and food.

It's owned and run by Belleville valley locals (Hudry is the most common surname here).

Tel: +33 479 00 07 93

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Grange

La Grange is a big restaurant in the Residence Temples du Soleil, that serves people on half-board there (but is also open to anyone else).

Tel: +33 479 00 05 19

Restaurants in Val Thorens: the Balcons Area

Val Thorens Restaurants: l'Auberge des Balcons

L'Auberge restaurant, Val Thorens

The Auberge has a small bar and pool table by the entrance. The large restaurant serves Savoyarde and Italian food. It caters for clients in the Balcons apartments on half-board, and for anyone else.

The food is reliably good, and the service friendly and efficient. The downstairs section can be hot when the restaurant is busy.

Tel: +33 479 00 91 91

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Cabane

Restaurant la Cabane, Val Thorens

Also in the Balcons de Val Thorens complex, La Cabane is more expensive than l'Auberge, and seeks to create high class, innovative meals.

Tel: +33 479 00 83 84

Val Thorens Restaurants: la Ferme de Rosalie

Part of the Chalets du Soleil résidence, la Ferme de Rosalie offers Savoyarde specialities.

Tel: +33 479 08 07 29

Bon appétit at the restaurants in Val Thorens!

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