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View of Mt Blanc from Val Thorens

Skiing Made Easy

Skiing Made Easy

Skiing Made Easy is a Kindle ebook. It's a practical guide to learning to ski, based on many happy seasons of ski teaching in Val Thorens.

Most of the demonstrations are performed by my friend and fellow Val Thorens ski instructor Marina Michaud.

The book starts with a short chapter about putting on your skis and boots correctly - something that may seem mundane, but is important!

It then goes through a beginner's progression from snowplough to parallel turns. At each stage, I suggest exercises to develop and improve your skills, and I identify common faults and suggest ways to correct them. 'By the way' sections contain information about many of the little things that people sometimes just assume you know, when you may not.

The book assumes no prior knowledge, so it is suitable for complete beginners, and people who are in the early stages of learning to ski. Even if you've been skiing lots of times, though, I'm confident that you'll learn a few things you never knew before, and it will consolidate your understanding of the basics of skiing.

Finally, for an experienced skier who is planning to help a friend or family member to learn to ski, this book would be invaluable.

Buy Skiing Made Easy on Amazon (£4.99).

ESF in Val Thorens

ESF kids group, Val Thorens

The ESF is the largest ski school in Val Thorens, with around 200 ski instructors during the busiest times of the season. They offer group lessons and private lessons for adults and children, and in skiing and snowboarding.

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Private lessons in Val Thorens

Private ski lesson in Val Thorens

Private lessons are available from the ESF and other ski schools in Val Thorens. They are a good way to learn a lot in a short time, with the focus on what you want to improve, and the lesson adapted to your level. 

You get to go at your own pace, rather than feeling pressured to keep up, or hanging around waiting. They can also be just a few fairly short sessions if you wish, where ski school tends to be mornings and/or afternoons for most of the week.

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