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Val Thorens tour operators

On this page, we have an overview of the tour operators which offer packages to Val Thorens.

Tour operators include Crystal/Thomson, Inghams, Neilson, Erna Low, Skiworld, Ski Total, Ski Collection, Ski Scott Dunn, Ski France, Alpine Elements, and Snowtrex.

Read about Val Thorens tour operators here.

Val Thorens tour operators: Crystal/Thomson

Crystal and Thomson are both part of the TUI group, after they merged a few years ago. Now, the whole ski operation is run under the Crystal brand, and Crystal is the biggest UK ski tour operator.

Travel is by air, Eurostar, or by car with a Eurotunnel or ferry crossing.

They have eleven chalets (see our chalets page); 5 star hotels, including the Koh-i-Nor, Fitz Roy and Pashmina, 4 stars like the Hotel 3 Vallées and Hotel Val Thorens, and 3 stars including the Sherpa, Val Chaviere, and Mercure; and apartments, from the luxury Montana Plein Sud, to the basic Temples du Soleil and Tourotel (see our apartments page). They are the only UK tour operator to offer stays at the club hotel Tango, run by the Swedish tour operator Langley Travel. 

Group discounts are available, for parties of ten or more, and there's a group service to help organise the bookings.

Crystal aim for sustainable tourism, and have a 'carbon management' strategy as part of Crystal social responsibility. The first section of the carbon managment page on their website deals with 'reducing carbon emissions across our operations', but this turns out to exclude flying customers to ski resorts. It deals with ' consumption, paper for brochure production, company cars, staff travel to work, copy paper, recycling and business flights for Crystal employees...' Whilst it is worthwhile to measure these carbon emissions, it does rather miss the point for a company whose business is ski holidays. A section on carbon emissions from aviation does follow, and these are attributed to Thomson Airways (part of the same group). Thomson's main strategy in this area is to buy newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Val Thorens tour operators: Inghams

Val Thorens tour operators - Inghams holidays to Val Thorens

Inghams is a solid and reliable tour operator, which is slightly more upmarket than most others, and often has more mature and professional reps. They've been going since 1934.

There's a choice of sixteen UK airports, or you can travel by direct Eurostar train (generally without a supplement), or by car.

Hotels in the Inghams brochure include the luxury Altapura, as well as the Sherpa and Val Chaviere; they offer Montana, Cheval Blanc, Portillo, and Olympiades apartments; and they have six chalets in the Balcons and Chalet des Neiges areas. 

They have a groups service - you can deal with a dedicated Group Advisor, and there are free places available. Ski guiding (meet the pistes) is a service which is not currently available in France due to local laws, although it is being challenged.

Val Thorens tour operators: Neilson

Neilson are specialists in activity holidays - sailing in the summer, and skiing in the winter. They've been in existence for thirty-seven years, and are part of Thomas Cook.

They offer the Trois Vallées, Val Thorens, and Val Chaviere hotels; and the Hameau du Kashmir hotel and apartments.

They have a green travel section to their website, where carbon emissions arising from travel to ski resorts are discussed in a thoughtful way. Probably the best way to reduce your impact is to take the train, instead of flying. Neilson don't seem to offer holidays by train to Val Thorens.

Val Thorens tour operators: Erna LowVal Thorens tour operators - Erna Low self-drive and accommodation only holidays to Val Thorens

Erna Low have been going since 1932. (Erna Low was an Austrian student in London, who organised ski trips to Austria on a small scale, then turned it into a business). They offer self-drive or accommodation-only ski holidays, and had 14,000 customers in 2012/13 - sizeable, but fairly small numbers compared to Crystal's 169,000. This enables them to give rather more personal customer service.

Their brochure has the Altapura, Pashmina, Sherpa, Val Thorens and Koh-i-Nor hotels. There's a very wide selection of apartments too, which includes all the Pierre & Vacances properties, the Village Montana, Oxalys, Altitude and Val 2400, Chalets des Neiges, Chamois d' Or, Silveralp, Olympiades, Sabot de Venus, and Chalets du Soleil. They also have Montagnettes apartments, including the Hameau du Kashmir, and the Koh-i-Nor apartments.

To celebrate 80 years in business, Erna Low recently produced a short video, with archive footage of ski trips (below):

Val Thorens tour operators: Skiworld

Skiworld specialise in catered chalets, and they have sixteen in Val Thorens - see our chalets page. In addition, they offer basic apartments at Altineige and Olympiades.

Val Thorens tour operators: Ski Total

Ski Total logo

Ski Total is exclusively a chalet company, and has six chalets in Val Thorens. The largest, Chalet le Sommet, sleeps 24-28 people - a chalet/hotel, really. For more information, see our chalets page.

Chalet Catherine interior

Val Thorens tour operators: Ski Collection

Ski Collection have a range of hotels and apartments, from the middle to the top of the market in terms of price and quality. Their apartments include the 5-star Koh-i-Nor, the Hameau du Kashmir, Balcons Platinum, Montana Plein Sud, and Neiges Eternelles; and they offer the Sherpa and 3 Valleys hotels. 

Val Thorens tour operators: Ski Scott Dunn

Ski Scott Dunn are very much at the top end of the market, and offer three of the best hotels in resort - the Koh-i-Nor, the Pashmina, and the Altapura.

Val Thorens tour operators: Snowtrex UK

Snowtrex began as a German company, and was a big operator out of the Netherlands for a time. They're not well-known in the UK, but they have a website, and offer a range of cheaper apartments in Val Thorens. These include some privately owned apartments, Cheval Blanc, Valset, Silveralp, Tourotel, Temples du Soleil, le Gypaete, and Olympiades. You can also book Balcons and Village Montana with Snowtrex.