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Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

Find out about Zenith ski shop, Val Thorens here. Zenith rent skis, snowboards, and boots; they sell skis, snowboards, and boots (with a professional boot-fitting service); they service and repair skis and snowboards; and they sell accessories such as sunglasses, goggles, and gloves (including heated gloves). 

We recommend Zenith, and offer a 20% discount on ski and snowboard hire booked through ValThorensGuide.

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Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens: ski and snowboard hire

Ski hire at Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

We recommend ski and snowboard hire at Zenith. They have quality hire equipment, and offer knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and flexible service. 20% discount when you book through ValThorensGuide. Read more, and book ski and snowboard hire.

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens: ski and snowboard sales

Skis and board sales, Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

You can buy skis or snowboards (upstairs in Zenith). They'll help you choose the equipment that suits you best, and you can test those models of skis and boards which are on sale new, and in their hire section. For off piste skis, touring bindings, skins, and other off piste equipment, see our off piste equipment page. 

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens: boot-fitting and sales

Ski boots for sale, Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

 If you're buying ski boots, you need a professional boot-fitting service. Ever since he founded the shop more than 30 years ago, Gérard Doucet provided the best boot-fitting service in resort, and he has passed on his knowledge to his son Ludo, who now runs the shop, and the rest of the Zenith team.Boot-fitting, Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

They'll ask your level, so they know whether you need soft, easy beginners' boots, or something more suited to faster, higher-level skiing. They'll also look at the shape of your feet, since different manufacturers make a different shape of boot. Then, they usually suggest two or three suitable pairs of boots for you to try, so you can see which you prefer.

You have the option of 'conformable' insoles, which are heated and moulded to the shape of your feet. You may also wish to buy a boot heating system, to keep your toes warm.

Once you've bought the boots, you're not left to your own devices. After skiing with them, if there is any discomfort, or pressure points, you are encouraged to come back to the shop, so that they can make adjustments, and ensure that your boots are comfortable.

Don't buy your boots anywhere else in Val Thorens!

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens: ski and snowboard servicing

Ski servicing at Zenith, Val Thorens

If you've got your own equipment, Zenith can service it.

  • *they can  repair your skis or snowboard, do a base grind/structure, sharpen the edges, and wax
  • *they can adjust and adapt your boots

There's a workshop downstairs, and they're fantastic at alterations and repairs, and finding solutions to most problems. Many of the resort's ski instructors rely on Zenith for servicing and repairs.

A straightforward service (base grind, wax, and edge) is €22.

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens: accessories

Goggles for sale, Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

Zenith have a wide range of accessories and technical items.


These include:

  • shoes and boots to wear around resort
  • hats
  • scarves
  • gloves, including heated gloves
  • socks
  • sunglasses and goggles
  • luggage
  • thermal under garments

Technical items

These include:

  • transceivers, shovels and probes
  • helmets and helmet cams
  • body protection, including back protectors
  • slalom protections (shin protectors and hand guards)
  • snow shoes
  • walkie talkies
  • ski servicing kit including files
  • tibial protectors for sore shins
  • airbag rucksacks

(Some of these items are for off piste - see our off piste equipment page). One of these is the airbag rucksack, an off piste avalanche safety device. The idea is that a skier or snowboarder caught in an avalanche can pull a handle on the rucksack strap, to inflate an airbag. The airbag protects the person's head, and keeps him or her on the surface of the avalanche, instead of being buried in the snow. See this video of an airbag test in Zenith:

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens: location

Here's a map showing where to find Zenith ski shop:

Val Thorens ski hire and snowboard hire booking, location of Zenith ski shop, Val Thorens

It's in place de Caron, next door to Face West Café. Tel: 00 33 479 00 05 28. Open 0830-2000, 7 days a week. 

(See our full-size location map)

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Piste maps

Have a look at a Val Thorens piste map or a 3 Valleys piste map. (You can pick up a paper copy from any ski pass office in resort).

Val Thorens ski schools

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