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Catered chalets in Val Thorens

Dining area, Chalet Catherine, Val Thorens

Interior, Ski Total Chalet Catherine, Val Thorens

There are plenty of catered chalets in Val Thorens, mainly in 8 to 12 person apartments within the Balcons de Val Thorens or the Chalet des Neiges, rather than traditional free-standing chalet buildings. The main exceptions to this are Ski Total's Chalets Catherine & Olivier.

The chalet package includes breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner every night (except one day a week, on chalet staff night off). Chalets provide decent food, and a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. Read about Val Thorens catered chalets here.

Featured chalets: Catherine & Olivier

Ski Total logo

Chalets Catherine & Olivier

Chalets Catherine & Olivier, Val Thorens

Ski Total's chalets Catherine & Olivier are exceptions to the rule that chalets in Val Thorens are not in free-standing chalet buildings. The chalet building is divided into two, with Catherine (18 people) on the first two floors, and Olivier (12 people) on the top floor.

You couldn't really get a better location, because these chalets are right by the piste (la Voie Lactée) which runs from place Caron (where the tourist office, shops, and restaurants are) to the Rond Point des Pistes (the central meeting point on the slopes).

There are good views from the dining areas in both chalets, and the simple Alpine décor gives the interiors a nice, relaxed feel. The chalets both have real fire, TV/DVD in the living area, free wifi, and they share a sauna. 

Dining area in Chalet Catherine

Book Chalet Catherine or Chalet Olivier with Ski Total.

Catered chalets in Val Thorens: tour operators

The main tour operators offering chalet holidays to Val Thorens are Inghams, Ski Total, Skiworld, and Crystal. Many of the chalets are up in the Balcons area of resort, or in the Chalet des Neiges, towards the top of the resort. (You can see the exact location of all the Residences in Val Thorens on our apartments map).

Catered chalets in Val Thorens: Inghams

Inghams reps

Inghams is a long-established ski operator, and regarded as a solid and reliable company. They have six chalets in Val Thorens - four in Altitude, and two in the Chalet des Neiges.

Chalets Adrienne, Amélie, Alys, and Anais

Chalet Altitude, Val Thorens

Chalets Adrienne, Amélie, Alys, and Anais are all in Résidence Altitude, in the Balcons area of Val Thorens. They are eight-person chalets, with double and twin rooms. Each has a log fire, free wifi, and access to the small pool, and sauna, in Altitude. 

The Balcons area has a mini-supermarket, three restaurants, and two bars, including the British-style Red Fox pub. See the information below on access to the slopes from Les Balcons.

Chalets Maryse & Michelle

Chalets Maryse and Michelle are in the Chalet des Neiges, at the top of resort, just above the main bar street (rue de Gébroulaz), close to the Hotel Sherpa. They are twelve-person chalets, with twin rooms. 

The chalets are very close to many bars and restaurants, but just far enough away to be quiet. The Péclet centre, with shops including a bakery, pharmacy, and newsagent, is a very short distance too. 

Access to the pistes is by an unpisted track, or a short walk for less confident skiers and boarders. A pisted track off Plein Sud brings you back to the Hotel Sherpa, very close to the chalets.

Catered chalets in Val Thorens: Ski Total

Ski Total logo

Ski Total have six chalets in Val Thorens.

Chalets Catherine & Olivier

Ski Total chalets Catherine & Olivier, in Chalet Coriatos

Chalets Catherine and Olivier are on two different floors of a detached building right by the Voie Lactée, the piste at the heart of the resort. You couldn't get a much better location.

They have real fire and TV/DVD in the living area, and free wifi. All rooms are en suite, and there's a sauna in the building. Catherine sleeps 18, and Olivier 12.

Chalet Olivier, Val Thorens

Ski Total Chalet Olivier, Val Thorens

Chalets Chloe, Mathilde, and Noella

Chalets Chloe, Mathilde, & Noella exterior

In a building perched on the slope just below the Balcons, Chalets Chloe, Mathilde, and Noella offer excellent quality accommodation, with wood-burning stove in the living area, sauna and steam room within the building, and free wifi.

Chalet Chloe lounge  

The bedrooms are en suite, and have TV/DVD player. Chloe sleeps 8-10, Mathilde and Noella 8.

Chalet Chloe bedroom

Chalet le Sommet

Lounge, Chalet le Sommet, Val Thorens

A large chalet in a building attached to the Chalet des Neiges, Chalet le Sommet sleeps 24-28. It has an open fireplace, and free wifi; all rooms are en suite with balcony; and there's access to the small pool and sauna in Chalet des Neiges.

Pool at Chalet des Neiges

Catered chalets in Val Thorens: Skiworld

Skiworld is a chalet specialist, and with twenty chalets, it's easily the biggest operator in Val Thorens. Their reputation is good, and they tend to offer an optional programme of lively evening events. 

They have three categories of chalet - classic, superior, and signature. All the Val Thorens chalets are 'classic', except Phoenix, which is rated 'superior.'

Chalet Phoenix

Bedroom in Skiworld Chalet Phoenix

Chalet Phoenix is in the newest Balcons building, Chalet 7, which opened in 2012, and is finished to a high standard.

There's access to the pool and spa on site, free wifi, and because it's a superior chalet, you get enhanced menus. 

As with other chalets in the Balcons area, access to the slopes is very convenient for intermediates and above, but there's a short walk down the road for beginners - see the 'access to the slopes from Les Balcons' below.

Balcons chalets

Skiworld have six more chalets in the Balcons de Val Thorens. Like Phoenix, there is access to the pool and spa. These chalets are quite good value. They are Abricot (sleeps 14), Carambole (8), Cerise (14), Clementine (10), Pêche (12-14), and Poire (12-13).

Chalets in Altitude/ Val 2400

Chalet Val 2400, Val Thorens

Also in the Balcons area of resort, these chalets are in the two sister residences Altitude and Val 2400, and have access to the small pool and sauna in Altitude. They are:

  • in Val 2400: Capricorne (sleeps 8-9), Milo (10), Sagittaire (8), Taureau (6), Verseau (6), Aries (6), Leo (8-9), and Libra (6)
  • in Altitude: Caron (10), and Renod (12)

Chalet Péclet

Chalet Péclet, Val Thorens

In a building near the slalom stadium, Chalet Péclet is close to the shops and bars, but just off the main street, so you shouldn't be troubled by late-night noise. All the rooms have en suite facilities. Sleeps 8.

Chalet Lumière de Soleil and Rayon de Soleil

Chalets Lumière de Soleil and Rayon de Soleil are in the Residence Montagnettes Soleil, in the rue du Soleil towards the bottom of the resort. This is quality accommodation, and the location is better for beginners than Balcons chalets, as there's easy access to the beginners slopes and ski school meeting point, which are very close by.

Access to the slopes from Les Balcons

Les Balcons de Val Thorens

To get to the pistes from Les Balcons, you take a snowy track from the foot of the lower chalets. It joins a moderately challenging blue run, which comes out at the Plein Sud chair. Beginners should instead walk the short distance down the road to join the piste.

To get back, there's an unpisted itinerary route off the Plein Sud piste, that brings you out at the Red Fox. It's a little steep - you can assess it first as you go over it on the Plein Sud chair. Anyone not confident to take that route can walk the short distance back up the road.

Catered chalets in Val Thorens: Crystal

Crystal is the biggest UK ski tour operator. 

Rider's Lodge - Chalet Sequoia

Chalet Sequoia, Val Thorens

A Rider's Lodge is a designation that Crystal give to certain chalets which are aimed at experienced skiers and boarders. The main feature of this is that a ski guide is provided (what they call a 'snow guru').

Chalet Sequoia is at the top of the resort, next door to the Hotel Tango. It sleeps 12-16, with a double room, three twins, and two quads.

Chalet des Neiges I & II

Chalet des Neiges Hermine, Val Thorens

These chalets are in the Chalet des Neiges. They are in a good location for shops, bars and restaurants. Access to the slopes is direct for experienced skiers and boarders, and involves a short walk for anyone who is not confident taking an unpisted track. 

Chalet I sleeps 10, and chalet II takes 12; twin rooms.

Chalet Elisabeth

Also in the Chalet des Neiges, Elisabeth is a little more luxurious. (It's classified by Crystal as 4 star, rather than the 3 stars it gives to Chalet des Neiges I & II). Sleeps 14.

Chalet Aimée

This chalet is in Chalets des Neiges Plein Sud (see our apartments map). Aimée is for 12 people. It's in a good location, as close to the bars and shops as the other Chalet des Neiges chalets. You have access to the pool and sauna in the main Chalet des Neiges building (a couple of minutes walk away).

Chalet Bobsleigh & Chalet Curling

Two more 3-star rated chalets in the Chalet des Neiges.

Balcons 1, 2 and 3

Spa area in Les Balcons de Val Thorens

These chalets are in the Balcons de Val Thorens, which now has a small pool, and spa. Chalets 1 and 2 sleep 10 people, and chalet 3 is for 14.

Chalet Eliane

Medical centre, rue du Soleil, Val Thorens

Chalet Eliane is above the medical centre in the rue du Soleil, and sleeps 6-7 people.

Catered chalets in Val Thorens: comments

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Val Thorens hotels

Hotel Pashmina, Val Thorens

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Self-catering in Val Thorens

Val Thorens accommodation, apartments in Val Thorens, Montana Plein Sud

Self-catering apartments in Val Thorens are available in professionally run tourist résidences (covered in our apartments page), through estate agents, and direct from private owners. 


Val Thorens apartments - Sabot de Venus living room

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