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Val Thorens market - Tuesdays and Thursdays in Val Thorens

Val Thorens market

The market in Val Thorens takes place in place Péclet every Tuesday and Thursday in the ski season (and in the summer season). There's a great variety of shopping options, including clothing, craft stalls, sweets, and local honey. Read about Val Thorens market here.


Val Thorens market

Val Thorens market, cheese stall

Val Thorens market is every Tuesday and Thursday, all day, in place Péclet. It's busiest in the late afternoon or early evening, when everyone's off the slopes, and pottering around the resort. It goes on until about 6pm, or slightly after.

There's a wide variety of stalls. Some sell clothing, including fairly cheap fleeces, and others sell craft items. Amongst the items on the food and drink stalls are cheeses, very expensive sweets, and honey from a local Belleville Valley producer. (He wears a bee costume - a yellow and black top, with bee wings stuck to it). 

Val Thorens market, bee man at the honey stall   Val Thorens market, honey stall

Val Thorens market - location

The market is at the bend in the road, in place Péclet see the map below.

Val Thorens market - location map

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We hope you enjoy browsing the stalls of Val Thorens market.