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Self-catering in Val Thorens

Kitchen, self-catering apartment, Balcons de Val Thorens

Val Thorens has self-caterin accommodation to suit different budgets. There are three ways of finding self-catering accommodation in Val Thorens. You can choose an apartment in a professionally-run tourist résidence (see our apartments page); book a privately-owned apartment through one of the estate agencies in Val Thorens (listed on our estate agencies page); or contact an owner direct (see the tourist office's list of private owners).

Read about self-catering in Val Thorens here.

Self-catering in Val Thorens: apartments

Kitchen, Montana apartment, Val Thorens

The most common self-catering accommodation is apartments in professionally-run tourist residences, which have a reception desk, and are set up for weekly rentals, generally from Saturday to Saturday. 

There are well-established quality residences such as Balcons, Montana, Montagnettes, and Sabot de Vénus. Relatively new luxury residences which have been built in recent years include Hameau du Kashmir and Koh-i-Nor. You can book direct, or as part of package through a tour operator. Read more about apartments.

Self-catering in Val Thorens: estate agencies

Résidence le Sérac, Val Thorens

Many private apartment owners who rent out their flats on a week-to-week basis do so through estate agents. It can be a cheaper way of renting self-catering accommodation. Usually, you pick up keys to the apartment at the estate agent's office, and if you need sheets and towels, they are generally available from the nearby laundrette/dry cleaners. These apartments are in residences lived in by a mixture of owner-occupiers, season workers, and holidaymakers. 

There are six estate agencies in Val Thorens, which have a large number of privately-owned apartments for rent on their books. Read more about estate agents in Val Thorens.

Self-catering in Val Thorens: tourist office list

The tourist office makes a list of privately-owned apartments each year, with the owners' contact details, so you can get in touch directly. See the 2017-18 list of privately-owned apartments in Val Thorens.

Val Thorens hotels

Hotel Val Chavière, Val Thorens

There are lots of good hotels in Val Thorens, including luxury 5-stars like the Altapura and Pashmina, 4-stars like the Hotel Val Thorens and Fahreneheit 7, and well-established 3-stars like the Sherpa and Val Chavière. Read about Val Thorens hotels

Self-catering in Val Thorens: useful to know

Bedroom, Balcons de Val Thorens

If you're booking self-catering accommodation in Val Thorens, it can be useful to know about deposits, arrival and departure times, extras, and the local tax (taxe de séjour). 

Deposit. There will usually be a deposit to pay on arrival, which is returned in full provided you leave the apartment clean, with nothing broken, at the end of your stay. Most often, the deposit can be paid with a credit or debit card, but some places may still ask for cash.

Arrival and departure times. You can usually get the keys to your apartment at 4 or 5pm on arrival, and are asked to vacate it by 10am on departure. This allows time for apartments to be cleaned. If you ask politely, with a charming smile, sometimes they can be flexible. If you're going to arrive late, it is a good idea to phone ahead. Most résidences have a night porter. For privately-owned apartments, the tourist office does a late arrival service on Saturday night, til 1am on Sunday.

Sheets and towels, and other extras. Sheets are usually included at résidences (and towels will be included too, at luxury résidences). If you rent a privately-owned apartment, even through one of the agencies, sheets and towels are likely to be extra. TVs can also be extra in more basic rental flats. Usually cleaning at the end of your stay is an extra that you can pay for, or you can clean the apartment yourself.

Local tax. There is a local/ tourist tax (taxe de séjour), which is collected at the start or end of your stay. In Val Thorens it ranges from €1.65 to €4.40 per person per night (the exact amount depends on the star rating of the apartments), free for children (under 18). It is often included in the overall price if you book through a tour operator (eg Inghams, Crystal), but with some it may be an extra (eg Skiworld).

Apartment kitchen, Val ThorensReception area, Balcons de Val ThorensSabot de Vénus apartment, Val Thorens

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