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The fun pool, and waterfall, in Val Thorens sports centre

Val Thorens sports centre

Here, you can find information about Val Thorens sports centre. It has sports facilities, including a gym, table tennis tables, and tennis, squash and badminton courts.

There's an aqua-club, with two pools, jacuzzis, saunas, and Turkish baths. Children are catered for as well, with a fun park, which has trampolines and bouncy castles. Finally, there's a 'well-being' club, where there are sun beds, and massages and facial treatments are available.

Read about the sports centre in Val Thorens here.


Val Thorens sports centre

There's a great sports centre in Val Thorens, which is in the Caron shopping gallery. It has sport facilities, an 'aqua-club', a children's fun park, and a 'well-being' area. They offer classes, too.

Val Thorens sports centre: sports facilities

Sports facilities

The sports facilities are:

Prices winter 2015/16

Sport Price (per court, unless otherwise stated) Time
Tennis €17 1h
Football, volleyball €25 1h
Squash €16 45 minutes                            
Badminton €17 1h
Basketball €5 per person 1h
Table tennis €5 per person, bat included  1h
Tournaments €5 per person
Gym €11 per session, or €40 for 5 days
Gym & Aqua-club €18.50 per session, or €69 for 5 days

Val Thorens sports centre: aqua-clubVal Thorens resort, Val Thorens sports centre, aquaclub, swimming pool, waterfall

Aqua-club facilities

The aqua-club has:

There's also an outdoor terrace, in case it should be warm enough to go outside (or for those who like rolling in the snow part way through a sauna).

Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Prices winter 2015/16

Time Adult Child (6-15yrs) Child (3-5yrs)
Before 7pm €16 €8 €4
After 7pm €12 €8 €4
5 day pass €46 €25 €15

Val Thorens sports centre: children's fun park

The children's fun park has:

Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Prices winter 2015/16

Period Price
1 session (children U12) €10
5 days (U12s) €30
5 days funpark & aqua-club (U12s) €41
5 days funpark & swimming pool (3-5 years) €36

The price of the trampolines for over 12s is €10 per session or €30 for a 5 day pass.

Val Thorens sports centre: well-being club

The well-being club has:

Prices winter 2015/16

Treatment Price
Massage 25 min €44
Massage 45 min €73
Massage 1h10 €105
Facial care 45 min €73
Presso-esthetic €28
Reflexology 1h €105

Val Thorens sports centre: classes

There are also various fitness classes, including step aerobics, Tai chi, body sculpting, strength training, and aqua gym. Ask at reception for the programme.

You can do a 15 minute session of Fitvibe, too, which is supervised by a coach. It's a machine with a vibration plate, that's supposed to make training much more efficient

Prices winter 2015/16

Class/activity Price
Fitness class €7
Aqua gym class €8
Fitvibe session €19

Val Thorens sports centre: opening times, phone number, and left luggage service

Winter opening times

The sports centre will be open from 21st November 2015 to 8th May 2016, in the present ski season.

The opening times are:

Summer opening times

The summer season is early July to the end of August. The opening times in the summer are 0900-2100 every day. 

(In addition to the facilites mentioned above, there are 9 outdoor tennis courts in the summer).

Telephone number

You can call the sports centre on 00 33 479 00 00 76.

Left luggage service

Every Saturday, the sports centre offers a left luggage service from 8am to 8pm. €2.50 per item, and €4.50 to take a shower.

We hope you enjoy all the facilities in Val Thorens sports centre.