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Walking in Val Thorens

Walking in Val Thorens

On this page, we have details of walking routes in Val Thorens, and the lifts which are open to pedestrians. 

Val Thorens probably isn't the very best resort for walkers, but in the last few years the tourist office and the lift company have made an effort to create paths for walkers. There's a walkers' map for the Belleville Valley - we have a link to it on this page, and you can pick up a hard copy from the Val Thorens tourist office. 

Read about walking in Val Thorens here.

Walking in Val Thorens

Walking in Val Thorens: map of pedestrian circuits

You can consult the resort's map of the pedestrian circuits. It shows the walking routes for the whole of the Belleville Valley.

Walking in Val Thorens: main winter walking routes

Montagnettes path

This popular path (number 7 on the map) goes from the back of the Altineige, or the garage, and shadows the boulevard des Echauds piste, arriving at the mid-station of the Bruyeres telecabine in Les Menuires. Return by the same route.

Deux Lacs path

The Deux Lacs path (route number 10 on the map) starts near the Toboggan chalet, and runs parallel to the Espace Junior, on the right of it. Then you turn left, crossing the Espace Junior, and go downhill towards the departure point of the Moraine chairlift. From there, turn left again, on the path to the right of the Combe de Thorens, and you return to the start point at the Toboggan chalet. 

Chalets du Thorens, Val Thorens

Chalets du Thorens, in the Combe de Thorens

Moutière path

Moutière footpath, Val Thorens

Moutière footpath near the top of the Moutière chairlift

Also starting from the Toboggan chalet, the Moutière path (number 11 on the map) takes you on the same route as the Deux Lacs path, initially. Then, it branches off to the right, and skirts round the left hand side of one of the two lakes. It comes out onto the 'Traversée des 2 Lacs' piste near the Deux Lacs restaurant. From here, it goes along the right hand side of the Linotte piste, past the top of the Moutière chair, then downhill and round the reservoir. Once the circuit of the reservoir (with nice views of the Belleville Valley) is completed, return to the Toboggan chalet by the same route.

Marine path

Cascades chairlift

The Marine path (number 12 on the map) starts from the top of Cascades chairlift, and is downhill only. (You can see the prices of pedestrian passes via our Val Thorens ski pass prices page). From the top of the chair, you turn left, and the path curves round to the left, and passes back under the chair. It then goes to the Chalet de la Marine. 

Chalet de la Marine

Here, you cross the Dalles piste, and take the path which follows the left fork of the piste, past the Tete Ronde lake, to the Chalets du Thorens. The Combe de Thorens takes you back to the Toboggan chalet.

Walking in Val Thorens: lifts open to pedestrians

It's possible to go up to the Cime de Caron and the top of the Funitel Peclet, then down again, without doing any walking. Then, there are certain chairlifts which you can go up (but not down) as part of a walk

Cime de Caron trip

View from Cime de Caron, Val Thorens

View from Cime de Caron

You can go up to the top of the Cime de Caron (3200m) as a pedestrian, from the resort of Val Thorens. Take the Cairn bubble, then the Caron bubble, then the Caron cable car. There are two viewpoints, and the Freeride Cafe, at the top.

Funitel Peclet

Funitel Peclet

Funitel Péclet

The Funitel Peclet is open to pedestrians, and goes up to 3000m. It's perhaps not quite as spectacular as the Cime de Caron, but quicker and easier, as it's just a single lift. The Aiguilles de Peclet restaurant is directly at the top of the Funitel. 

Maurienne Valley trip

Orelle bubble

Orelle bubble

You can take the Moutière chairlift as a pedestrian (up only). If you wish to go to the Maurienne Valley, you can then take the Funitel Grand Fond (a short walk from the top of Moutiere), the Rosael chair (again, a short walk, this time from the top of Grand Fond; and we believe that you may take this one down), and the Orelle bubble (official name, 3 Vallées Express). The Orelle bubble takes you right down to the village of Francoz (alt about 890m), near Orelle, in the Maurienne Valley. This is quite a trip!

Cascades chairlift

The Cascades chairlift is open to pedestrians (up only), and you take this lift in order to do the Marine path (see above).

Walking in Val Thorens: pedestrian passes in Val Thorens

We have information on pedestrian passes in the notes to the prices on our Val Thorens ski passes page. 


We hope you find our walking in Val Thorens page helpful.