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Val Thorens news 2019-20

Val Thorens resort closure

15th March 2020

Val Thorens

Like other French ski resorts, Val Thorens has had to close as a result of French government measures imposed to combat the Coronavirus.

Read about Val Thorens resort closure.

Val Thorens news 2018-19

Val Thorens news: 100 days until the Tour de France

28th March 2019

Chinese lanterns released in Val Thorens 100 days before the Tour de France

To mark 100 days to go until the Tour de France in Val Thorens (27th July 2019), Chinese lanterns were released on Tuesday evening.

They looked very nice. They land somewhere, though, and can harm or kill wildlife; and they become litter. I suggest Val Thorens decides that that's the last time for Chinese lanterns.

Val Thorens news: how a no-deal Brexit could affect travel industry

3rd March 2019

GB sticker on a snow-covered car, Val Thorens

Travel insurers MPI Brokers have set out the consequences on a no-deal Brexit. British people in the EU will no longer have access to free health care with the EHIC, British coaches won't be able to drive in Europe, and UK driving licences will no longer be valid in the EU.

Read about how no-deal Brexit could affect the travel industry.

Val Thorens news: Conservative Brexit shambles

25th February 2019

European flags, Val Thorens

A look at the utter mess created by the Conservative party over the last two years or more - Mr Cameron asking the question on virtually nobody's lips, and Mrs May ensuring it rips our country apart.

Read about Conservative Brexit shambles.

Val Thorens news: what's new in Val Thorens for 2018-19

15th August 2018

Combe Rosael

There's to be a new blue piste from the Cime de Caron, and a black in the Boismint sector. Chalet Cocoon opens its doors, and there's a new airborne route back to resort. Read about what's new in Val Thorens in winter 2018-19.

Val Thorens news 2017-18

Val Thorens news: storm coming

2nd January 2018

Snow-covered car in Val Thorens

Special measures are in place as a storm approaches Val Thorens this evening. There's a storm warning in place for tonight and the 3rd and 4th January. Westerly winds above 100kmh are expected, and heavy snow (perhaps as much as 2m40 in 48 hours).

The road between Les Menuires and Val Thorens will be closed tonight. The Val Thorens ski area will be reduced on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th January, and the links to the 3 Valleys and Orelle will be closed.

From 10pm tonight, no vehicles will be allowed out of public or private car parks. The free bus service will be suspended from tomorrow morning.

The advice is to avoid walking around resort from 10pm tonight. If you do go out, avoid going out alone, avoid walking near rooves where snow could fall, and avoid walking at the back of buildings.

Val Thorens news: World Cup Skicross

8th December 2017

Skicross World Cup, Val Thorens, 7th December 2017

A World Cup Skicross race took place in Val Thorens yesterday - a day early, brought forward because of the weather forecast.

In the women's final, Sandra Naeslund of Sweden won, in front of Heidi Zacher (Germany) and Kelsey Serwa (Canada). In the men's event, Chris Delbosco (Canada) was first, Arnaud Bovolenta (France) second, and Terence Tchiknavonan (France) third. Jean-Fred Chapuis of Val Thorens was knocked out in the quarter-finals, and was ranked ninth.

Val Thorens news: best ski resort in the world - again

21st November 2017

Fahrenheit 7

Val Thorens won best ski resort in the world 2017 at the World Ski Awards. The win is the Belleville Valley resort's fourth in five years.

In another triumph for Val Thorens, Fahrenheit 7 claimed the World's Best New Ski Hotel prize.

Val Thorens news: what's new in Val Thorens for 2017-18

4th August 2017

Moraine piste, Val Thorens

Val Thorens is replacing the old Moraine chair with a new telecabine, at a cost of €14 million. The Lac du Lou gets a new refuge, open summer and winter. In resort, the 5-star Montana Lodge is added to the Village Montana. This and more in what's new in Val Thorens for 2017-18.

Val Thorens news: development & expansion of Val Thorens

19th July 2017

Val Thorens and Mont Blanc behind

There are plans to develop and expand the resort of Val Thorens, and to renovate the Sports Centre and Galerie Caron. There's also a new idea for the Cime de Caron. Read about the proposed development and expansion of Val Thorens.

Val Thorens news 2016-17

Val Thorens news: World Cup Skicross in Val Thorens

10th December 2016

Skicross World Cup, Val Thorens, 10th December 2016

Val Thorens hosted two World Cup Skicross events, for men and women, on 9th & 10th December 2016. Local hero Jean-Fred Chapuis won Friday's men's event, with Marielle Thompson of Canada winning the women's race. 

On Saturday, Chapuis crashed out in one of the early rounds. Alex Fiva (Switzerland) won the men's final, and Anna Holmlund (Sweden) was the fastest of the women. See the results here. This video shows some of the action from Saturday:

Val Thorens news: ski area opens a week early

19th November 2016

Val Thorens opened today, a week early. with great snow conditions and some sunshine:

Val Thorens news: what's new in Val Thorens for 2016-17

24th August 2016

Stade Yannick Richard, Val Thorens

As usual, €20 million is being invested in the Val Thorens ski area over the summer, so that the lifts remain fast and modern. There'll be a new Boismint chairlift, and a Stade chair to replace the Roc and Stade draglifts. There are other changes too. Read what's new in Val Thorens for 2016-17.

Val Thorens news: les Pionniers de l'Or Blanc video

23rd August 2016

Public Sénat produced a film about Val Thorens in February 2016. Following some Val Thorens 'locals' (as far as that's possible, given that the resort was only founded in 1971), it deals with the pioneers of the resort, and the people who came to Val Thorens to make a living and stayed.

More Val Thorens news from 2016-17.

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