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Haribo giant slalom race, Val Thorens slalom stadium

Val Thorens ski races

On this page, we have details of all the Val Thorens ski and snowboard races which are open for people to enter. For children doing Bronze star or Gold star, the Haribo race on Wednesday is a chance to practise before their Friday test. You can do a timed race on the skiercross/ boarder cross course on a Thursday. There are also the chamois and fleche races on the main slalom stadium.

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Val Thorens ski races: Haribo giant slalom

Stade des Chalets, Val Thorens

On Wednesdays at 1pm during the French school holidays, there's a Haribo giant slalom race for children. It's easier than a fleche race, because it's on the second stadium, the Stade des Chalets, which is not as steep as the main stadium. Also, it's only for children - from bronze star level (you can be doing bronze star that week), up to flechette. Book at the ESF office. Sweets for everyone, and prizes for the fastest racers. 

Val Thorens ski races: skiercross and boardercross

Skicross World Cup race, Val Thorens

On Wednesdays, there is a Skicross and Boardercross race, on Val Thorens's excellent ski cross course. Minimum level flechette (skiers), and Class 3 (snowboard). Check this and other events on our events page.

Val Thorens ski races: chamois and fleche (Ski Open races)


This is the weekly slalom race on the main slalom stadium. It's on Thursdays at 2pm (with another chamois on Tuesdays during the French school holidays). 

You book at the ESF office. Bibs are at the cabin at the bottom of the stadium, with a list of competitors and their race numbers posted above the bibs. (Allocation is done on the basis of past results - the best skiers get the lowest race numbers). 

The chamois is organised by ESFs all over France, and the results recorded. The idea is to give you an indication of your level, in a system which is relatively consistent throughout France. Any chamois should have 30-40 gates, and a vertical difference of 120-200m from top to bottom of the course.

An instructor skis first and sets a time. From the instructor's time, a base time is calculated. (For example, if the instructor has a handicap of 4.00, he skis 4% slower than the notional best slalom skier. If his time is 35.00s, then the base time will be 33.65s).

The competitors then ski, starting with bib number 1. Depending on what time they achieve, they fall into a category, as follows: 


The weekly giant slalom race takes place on the stadium on Fridays at 2pm (and Wednesdays in the school holidays). The system for booking and bibs is the same as for the chamois.

A fleche has 25-35 gates, and a vertical drop between 200 and 250m. The categories competitors can achieve are: 

A Super G also exists, called the fusée, but isn't run in Val Thorens.

If you've taken part in one of these races, the results are posted outside the ski school office. You can also see them on

Val Thorens ski races: video

This is a popular video, filmed with Go-pro showing Timi Théaux and Kieran Gros doing the chamois slalom, fleche giant slalom, and the skiercross.

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